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JobStatus object

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This object represents the status of a data transfer job in IdentitySync.

For an introduction to IdentitySync, read the IdentitySync guide.


To check on a transfer job's status, use


idstringA unique identifier for this job.
dataflowIdstringA unique identifier of the dataflow the job is based on. See Dataflow Object for more information.
dataflowNamestringThe dataflow name.
schedulingIdstringA unique identifier of the scheduling set for the job. See Scheduling Object for more information.
createTimestringThe time the job was created,  in UTC standard ISO 8601  format (i.e.,
updateTimestringThe time the job was updated,  in UTC standard ISO 8601  format (i.e.,
startTimestringThe time the job was started,  in UTC standard ISO 8601  format (i.e.,
endTimestringThe time the job was ended,  in UTC standard ISO 8601  format (i.e.,
frequencyTypestringRepresents time unit. Supported units: once, minute, hour, day, week, month
frequencyIntervalinteger Represents the interval between each workflow execution. No need to provide interval if periodicity is once
totalRecordsintegerThe total number of records that are processed in this job
processedRecordsintegerThe number of records that have been processed so far in this job
attemptNumberintegerA number representing the execution attempt (larger than 1 means that the job failed the current attempt is a retry)
statusstringThe status of the job, can be one of the following: running, succeeded, failed, killed
hostNamestringThe name of the machine that executed the job
tracestringRepresents the auditing from script execution
archivebooleanIndicates whether the job output is archived

A more detailed description of how the job finished. In the case of failure, this might include as much of the stack trace as is possible.



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