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Java SDK Authentication Library

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The Java SDK Auth library is an extension to the Java SDK library which adds additional authorization options for communicating with the Gigya servers.


Required Dependencies

The Java SDK Auth library is not a stand-alone library and requires the latest Java SDK (v3.2.3 or above) in order to be compiled alongside it.



Java JWT: JSON Web Token for Java

Gradle Implementation

compile 'io.jsonwebtoken:jjwt-api:0.10.7'
runtime 'io.jsonwebtoken:jjwt-impl:0.10.7',



Maven Implementation



If Maven or Gradle are not used, add the following references: 




Authenticating using the GSAuthRequest class

An exmaple of using the GSAuthRequest class to retrieve user data.

final GSAuthRequest request = new GSAuthRequest(USER_KEY, PRIVATE_KEY, API_KEY, "accounts.getAccountInfo");
request.setParam("UID", USER_UID);
final GSResponse response = request.send();
if (response.getErrorCode() == 0) {
    // Success.
} else {
    // Fail.


Verify an ID Token

You are able to verify the signature of a provided JWT id_token using your JWK public key.

Cache the public key using:

GSAuthRequestUtils.addToPublicKeyCache(DATA_CENTER, JWK_PUBLIC_KEY)


Once the public key for the specific data center is available to the SDK, you will be able to verify a token signature using:

final boolean verified = GSAuthRequestUtils.validateSignature(id_token, API_KEY, API_DOMAIN);


Additional Information

Java Reference

Java Authentication Library Reference






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