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Gigya provides an intuitive, dynamic query tool for searching and retrieving users' profile data and metadata. To access the tool, log into the Gigya website and go to the "Reports" tab > Identity Query Tool.

Customer Insights filters can be exported to the Identity Query Tool. After selecting filters, press More Options  to output your filters to the Identity Query Tool. For more information see the Customer Insights Filter and Data Pane Settings.


Note: The Query Tool is part of a premium platform that requires separate activation. The Query Tool is available only after activating the package. If it is not part of your site package please contact your Gigya Customer Engagement Executive or contact us by filling in a support form on our site. You can also access the support page by clicking "Support" on the upper menu of Gigya's site.



Watch an Instructional Video

If you have an SAP logon, you can watch an instructional video about the Identity Query tool here.

Tool Features

Query Builder

This feature enables you to create a search query using simple drop-down menus instead of complex database query syntax. The field selection menus display a tree that reflects user profile schema. The tree is generated dynamically. For example:


The Query Builder also allows free-form entry and auto-fill of the Field Name. When you start typing (or changing) the Field Name, a drop-down menu will open and filter matching fields. In the following example, the user typed "provi", and all fields with this text is shown:

You can then select the field you want, and it will be displayed with the full path:


The data available for selection via the Query tool is the profile node, the data schema and all meta data information (e.g. lastLoginTime). For example:

Query Text

This section allows you to enter a text-based, SQL-like "select" query. The text area of the query is auto-filled with the selected query from the Query Builder. Each modification you make in the Query Builder is automatically reflected in the Query Text. In addition the text area of the query can be manually edited.

To execute the "select" query from the Query Text box, click the Run Query button. You will see a preview of the top results in the section below. Note that running the query is equivalent to calling the API method using the same query string.


  • While the Query Tool's drop-down menus do not include counters, it is possible to enter a query using counters in the Query Text box and run it in order to export the results to a file.
  • The Identity Query Tool does not support the following SQL clauses:
    • GROUP BY
    • LIMIT
    • START


Preview Top Results

A preview of the search results. The window shows the top 10 records of the results in a JSON tree view:


Export to file

Clicking the button exports the results of the query into a CSV file, which you may save on your PC. Note: the CSV includes the entire query results, not just the preview.

Note: Deleted accounts do not appear in queries generated by the Identity Query Tool.


Additional Information

The Identity Query Tool does not support querying or exporting more that 100K records per instance. If you need to export more than 100,000 records you should use IdentitySync.