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GConnector Single Logout In SSO Groups

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Single Logout For an SSO Group

When using a Gigya CMS GConnector in a Site Group scenario, you can easily implement SLO (Single Log Out) for your group. To use SLO, you only need to configure the appropriate Logout URL in the Gigya Console. You can do this by navigating to the Site Groups section of the Admin tab.


Select the site group you wish to edit, and click the Edit button of the Actions column. This will open the group's configuration settings.


In the Logout URL section for each site of the group, enter the logout URL as defined for your GConnector. You can use the table below to locate the specific URL for your GConnector in the table below.


CMS to Logout URL Mapping

GConnectorLogout URL
Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Formerly DemandWare)https://<Your-Site-Name>/Login-Logout
Drupal 7https://<Your-Site-Name>/user/logout
Drupal 8https://<Your-Site-Name>/user/logout
SAP Commerce Cloud (Formerly Hybris)

Depends upon your CMS configuration and may be either of the following:

  • https://<Your-Site-Name>/logout 
  • https://<Your-Site-Name>/yourStorefront/logout
Magento 1https://<Your-Site-Name>/customer/account/logout
Magento 2https://<Your-Site-Name>/customer/account/logout/ 
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