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Finding Your Data Center

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It is necessary to use the correct data center when making REST API calls to Gigya servers, according to the following template:



This guide helps you find the data center that your site is associated with.


Data Centers

To find your site's data center:

  1. Log in to the Gigya Console.

    The Russian data center and the Chinese data center are only available via their corresponding region-specific Gigya Consoles, so all sites on can only use the Russian data center and all sites on can only use the Chinese data center.

  2. On the Dashboard main page, you can see the data center associated with each one of your API keys by hovering over the flag which represents the location of the site's data center.

  3. The available data centers are:

    AbbreviationDescriptionData Center
    US1United States data
    EU1European data center (excluding Russia)
    AU1Australian data
    RU1Russian data
    CN1Chinese data
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