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To help power changing business objectives, Gigya gives you a wide variety of customization solutions to achieve your desired outcomes and limit the cost and time to market of initial deployments and future changes.

Gigya's Extensibility suite allows you to quickly and flexibly customize your authentication and consent flows to suit your business needs. Extensibility solutions enable extending and customizing Gigya’s authentication, registration and consent flows. They liberate you from platform constraints and help you adjust Gigya’s offering to your specific business needs.

Extensibility Tools

 WebhooksExtensionsJavaScript Parameters
Server / ClientAsynchronous, server-to-server

Synchronous, server-to-server

What are the triggers?After a specific event occursWithin the Gigya flowClient-side screen-set triggers
Event typeGigya webhooksExtension endpointsScreen-set events
Useful forDownstream flows and applicationReal-time decision makingReal-time response to user’s input




Gigya webhooks offer a flexible way to extend Gigya's flows by sending out to your server a notification of a specific Gigya event that has occurred. With webhooks, you can implement your own code, and set it to trigger when the relevant hook is fired. Webhook notifications are sent in near real-time and are delivered at least once. They may contain multiple events to improve efficiency and bandwidth utilization.

Events are ordered per UID, meaning that per UID, events are delivered in the order in which they occur.

You may configure the platform to deliver notifications for specific event types. Common use cases include:

  • Sending personalized marketing materials to a user based on particular actions
  • Replicating your user database 


Extensions enable quickly implementing your custom data validations and restrictions. 

Using Extensions, you can meet a wide range of business use-cases, such as:

  • Prevent a user from registering with an abusive username
  • Prevent a user from registering with a disposable email address
  • Validate that zip codes match country and state provided


JavaScript Parameters

Gigya's Screen-Sets include a set of events that give you a great level of flexibility in customizing client-side, user-facing flows to your business needs, and allow you to fine-tune the user interaction with your Gigya screens. For example, using JavaScript Parameters, you can: 

  • Display a UI element (such as a checkbox) only for a specific IP range
  • Validate the user's ZIP code according to your own custom logic
  • Inject AJAX when a certain condition is met
  • Respond in real time to the user's input


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