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Email Accounts Object REST

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Lite Registration is a premium product that requires separate activation. For inquiries, contact your Customer Engagement Executive by filling a support form. You can access the support page by clicking Support on the upper menu after logging into your Gigya Console.


Email accounts are created once either Lite Registration and / or Subscriptions are enabled in your Gigya site. They use emails as the identifier to merge data from both lite and fully registered accounts. Note that data is merged from full or lite accounts into email accounts and not vice versa, with the exception of subscription data that is shared in real time between account types.

An email account is created for the first time when a user subscribes or registers to your site with a unique email address. This email address is saved in the field. 

Email accounts are updated whenever the corresponding registered account (with the same UID) is updated, and/or whenever a new lite account is created with the same email address. 


Data Members

createdstringThe time the account was created in ISO 8601 format, e.g., "2017-07-16T19:20:30Z".
dataJSON objectCustom data. Any data that you want to store regarding the user that isn't part of the Profile or Subscriptions object.
tokenstringThe email account token that can be used to unsubscribe.
hasFullAccountBooleanIndicates whether this email account is associated with a fully registered account.
hasLiteAccountBooleanIndicates whether this email account is associated with a lite account.
lastUpdatedstringThe time when the email account object was last updated (either full or partial update) in ISO 8601 format, e.g., "2017-07-16T19:20:30Z". This is updated when any change is made to the account, for example, when a user changes their subscription preference.
profileProfile object

The user's profile information.

The email saved in is unique per email account.

subscriptionsJSON object

An object containing the subscriptions, if any, to which this email account is subscribed.

Subscriptions are part of our Enterprise Preference Management suite. If EPM is not currently part of your current package, please contact your Customer Engagement Executive for additional information.

UIDstringThe unique identifier of this email account. If the user also has a fully registered account (i.e., a full account that uses the same email identifier), they will share the same UID.


Response Example

  "callId": "5f27d3f4e6574bdbaa87bbe8b6b787c5",
  "errorCode": 0,
  "apiVersion": 2,
  "statusCode": 200,
  "statusReason": "OK",
  "time": "2018-04-22T12:05:03.761Z",
  "results": [
      "createdTimestamp": 1516181094009,
      "token": "11f5b422765036868b0ad30a301f656a45e41XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXfc915c57c",
	  "subscriptions": {
      	"mySub": {
        	"email": {
          	"doubleOptIn": {
            	"confirmTime": "2017-11-13T14:32:24.438Z",
            	"status": "Confirmed",
            	"emailSentTime": "2017-11-13T14:31:23.128Z"
          	"lastUpdatedSubscriptionState": "2017-11-13T14:31:23.128Z",
          	"isSubscribed": true
      "created": "2018-01-17T09:24:54.009Z",
      "email": "",
      "hasFullAccount": false,
      "lastUpdatedTimestamp": 1516181094009,
      "lastUpdated": "2018-01-17T09:24:54.009Z",
      "hasLiteAccount": true,
      "channel": "email",
      "profile": {
        "email": ""
      "UID": "2e09110fdb7c48aab81ea98fd1bf6e3c"
  "objectsCount": 1,
  "totalCount": 1


Query Examples

You can use the Identity Query Tool to retrieve lite account data by using Query examples:

  • Retrieve all email accounts: 

    SELECT * FROM emailAccounts
  • Retrieve all subscribers to a specific newsletter: 

    SELECT * FROM emailAccounts WHERE subscriptions.<NEWSLETTER-NAME>.email.isSubscribed=true
  • Retrieve all subscriptions for an email address: 

  • Retrieve all users who were created with Lite Registration and are not yet full users: 

    SELECT * FROM emailAccounts WHERE hasLiteAccount=true AND hasFullAccount=false


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