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Gigya’s integration with Email Marketing Service Providers (ESP) enables use of up-to-date Gigya information with your preferred ESP. This provides access to permission-based social and other profile info for accurate targeting of users by campaign managers. Gigya can both pass and receive subscribe and unsubscribe information from users who opt out of marketing in their social account or who press unsubscribe links in marketing communications. In an integration between an ESP and Gigya, Gigya is your repository of identities, that provides you with a unified view of each customer, while the ESP is the place for managing and scheduling your email campaigns. 

Gigya offers two options for integrating with an ESP:

The following guides assume that the integration is based on IdentitySync. In this case, the guides focus on the steps you are required to perform on each ESP to enable the integration. For support in this process, please contact your Gigya Implementation Consultant. 

ESP integration is a premium service and can only be activated if your site package includes Gigya's Identity Access and Storage or Customer Identity. Please contact your Gigya Customer Engagement Executive or contact us by filling in a support form on our site.

Currently we support the following ESPs:



Gigya's Recommended Best Practice for deleting users while using ESP/IDX Integration is to deactivate the user's account by setting their isActive account flag to false and changing any relevant subscription flags so that the user record is properly deactivated from your integration.

Failure to do this, by deleting the user record directly from Gigya's database, will not send a deletion notification to the ESP/IDX provider. If that occurs, the user will still exist in the 3rd party site and no longer be synced, as they no longer exist in Gigya's data stores.