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DocCheck is a network service for European medical professionals. DocCheck is used for securely authenticating professionals. Gigya's integration with DocCheck provides our pharma and medical customers a means of authenticating professionals. 

Setting up DocCheck as an identity provider is only available in the EU datacenter.



Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with DocCheck's technical manual, available here. Specifically, the second chapter of the manual explains how to configure login with DocCheck CReaM. 

The most important URLs are:

In addition, for the next step, secure your DocCheck credentials - the Login ID and Client Secret. 

Note regarding redirect URIs

The redirect URI is defined as a strict URI in DocCheck. Note that if the URI is defined incorrectly, you will not see an error on Gigya, only on DocCheck.

DocCheck has several different types of users:

  • Company
  • Test
  • User

The Gigya login flow is only supported using regular User accounts. Company and Test accounts may work but may not always be successful 100% of the time. 


When defining the callback URL (redirect URI) in DocCheck, use the following structure: 

If using a CNAME: 



If not using a CNAME:



Provider Configuration

  1. Open the Providers Configuration page of Gigya's Console.
  2. Select DocCheck from the list of providers. 
  3. Paste your credentials - the Login ID and Client Secret. 
  4. Select the language in which DocCheck's login screen will be displayed. 
  5. If you are using a CName, check the Enable CName checkbox. 


Global Configuration

In the enabledProviders parameter of the WebSDK Configuration, specify doccheck to include DocCheck in all relevant API calls (such as socialize.showLoginUI

Note that even if you specify an asterisk * under this parameter, DocCheck still needs to be mentioned explicitly. In this case the parameter value will be *, doccheck.


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