Debugging Tools

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When integrating Gigya's features, we advise using the following tools to assist in the development process:

Fiddler Web Debugger

A third party tool (by Eric Lawrence, Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy that logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler enables you to inspect all HTTP traffic (incoming and outgoing data). Learn more here.

Charles Web Debugger

A third party tool (by Karl von Randow, Charles is an HTTP debugger that logs and inspects HTTP traffic between your computer and the internet. It is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux. Learn more here.

Server Response Log

If you are using one of Gigya's SDKs then we encourage printing error logs into a log file: 

Invalid License

License is not configured.


$response = $request->send(); // receiving response
if($response->getErrorCode()!=0) // checking for error
{	// Error!
	error_log($response->getLog());  // write the Gigya's response log into the log file


GSResponse response = request.send(); // receiving response
if(response.getErrorCode() != 0) // checking for error
{  // Error  


	GSResponse response = request.Send(); // receiving response
if(response.GetErrorCode()!=0) // checking for error
{  // Error
	Console.WriteLine("Got error: {0}", response.GetLog());




To learn more, please refer to the guide and reference of the specific SDK.


Error Codes and Messages

Please refer to our Table of Response Codes and Messages for details about each error.


Contact Us

Last, you are always welcome to contact your Gigya Account Manager or contact us by filling in a support form on our site. In order for us to address the problem efficiently, please provide us with the following data:

  • Fiddler capture
  • Server response log (for server side errors)