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Customer Identity Management

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Gigya is a Customer Identity and Access Management provider (CIAM). Our services facilitate interaction and engagement with consumers of website and app content, complete with a suite of tools for analyses and reports, managing your user databse and extrapolating action steps from the data.

Gigya helps companies turn unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. Our flagship product is Customer Identity (RaaS), which provides out-of-the-box registration, login and other flows, a dynamic user database, and management tools for customizing and fine-tuning the registration process to match your needs.

You can learn more about our customers and their Gigya implementations here.



Among our products:


An end-to-end user management system. RaaS provides a comprehensive cloud-based user registration system that supports Social Login, allowing sites to maintain a unified user database for both social and traditional site authentication. The package includes powerful tools for creating user interaction screens including complete registration flow. The tools give you full flexibility to tailor your implementation in terms of design, structure, fields and content verification and match the look-and-feel of your website or mobile app. Read more here .

Profile Management - IDS

Profile Management (IDS) is a cloud-hosted database that consolidates user data acquired from various sources – e.g., social and traditional registration, site activity, multiple domains, or mobile apps. It enables full control over your user database, allowing you to easily search, view, edit, update, delete, target, and export user segments. You can access the users' data using Web tools as well as API methods. Read more here.

Identity Access

A site admin tool for accessing and editing site users' data. As a site administrator you can view users' profiles, social data as well as site custom data. You can also search users, edit and delete users' information. If you have the Loyalty - Gamification and User Behavior package enabled, this tool also enables access to users' Gamification achievements. Read more here.

SMS Login - OTP

Gigya offers one-time password (OTP) authentication, also known as SMS Login, as an additional login method that can be included in the Gigya login UI.

In websites with OTP, site users can enter their phone number to receive a one-time verification code to their mobile device. This code is entered in the website in order to log in or register immediately.


  • Secure: Strong identification.
  • Convenient: No need to create or remember a username/password combination.
  • Global: The service applies to users in all countries, and is particularly useful in countries where email addresses are less prevalent than mobile phones.
  • User-friendly: Gigya's OTP functionality is set up as a custom third-party identity provider, through which users can log in, just like they can log in through Facebook or Twitter.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a turnkey authentication solution that syncs users’ login state across multiple web properties. SSO enables your business to unify and share user data and site activity across multiple brands, web domains and additional online entities. Read more and learn how to implement here.

Identity Compliance

Learn about Gigya support as well as recommended steps to comply with the social networks' platform policies.

Data Store

Gigya's Data Store (DS) is a flexible database hosting service that we provide our clients. The DS is a generic, schemaless and fully indexed cloud database that allows storing any generic data objects as well as any user related data.

Reports and Analytics

Gigya’s cross-platform analytics deliver interaction and traffic data, including details by platform and sharing type. Graphic reports are available in the Gigya Console under the Reports tab. Among the reports we offer are New Registered Users, Demographics, Key Influencers, Referred Traffic, Top Users and more. See the full list of reports here

Customer Insights

Gigya’s Customer Insights (CI) and Customer Insights Plus are social media analytics tools that take advantage of the social data stored at Gigya to generate useful insights into your users' demographics, interests, social behavior, influence and revenue-generating activity. CI has a user-friendly, intuitive interface, designed to allow quick and easy cross segmentation of users by each of the available analytical categories without sacrificing flexibility.


Gigya's Signals is the tool for tracking behavioral data on your site, providing you with valuable information about user behavior, which can then be used for optimizing the core business flows of your site (e.g., opt-ins, logins, engagement, purchases). The data is readily available in Gigya's Customer Insights, can be easily exported to external systems and is of course accessible via our JS and REST APIs. Signals is based on a simple yet effective counter system - which increments the user actions you are tracking in real-time. Gigya provides a number of counters out of the box, which automatically track certain behaviors with no need for any configuration. In addition, you can define your own custom counters for any notable user action you wish to monitor on your site.