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If using this to generate samples in JavaScript, writing a param value as a function is not supported, i.e., the following code will not work.

	"callback": function() {


Currently supported languages are:

  • .NET
  • cURL - (Need to remove [ ] from the request properties)
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python


Be careful where you paste your Gigya secret and userKeys.

All processing in this form is completed client-side; no inputted data is ever stored or transferred from the browser.



Input your API method including complete namespace, i.e., accounts.getAccountInfo:

Input your Gigya API Key:

Input a Gigya application or user key (optional, be sure to include the correct secret below):

Input your Partner or userKey/app Secret:

Input your pre-formatted and valid JSON params object: *Required

 Click for example JSON
		"name": "org name",
		"membersLimit": 100,
		"bpid":  "<Your-Business-Partner-ID>",
		"type": "CUSTOMER",
		"country":"Erez Kodesh"
		"phone": "050-1111-11111",
		"lastName": "test2",
		"firstName": "test2 name",
		"email": "",
		"department": "QA",
		"jobFunction": "manager",
		"customField": "some data"

Include JavaScript


Sample Requests

{"Error":"Generator has not been run yet."}




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