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The Copy Configuration tool allows you to copy configurations and settings from one site to another from within the Gigya Console. This tool is available to all users with permissions to use the setSchema API of the target site.


The configurations and settings that can be copied are:

  • Site Schema
    • dataSchema
    • profileSchema
  • Screen-Sets
    • Complete screen-set collection
    • Individual screen-sets


Copying A Configuration

To copy a configuration from one site to another, log into your Gigya Console and navigate to the Copy Configuration tab of the site that contains the configurations to be copied.

Once on the source site, enter the API key in the provided field for the target site you want to copy the configuration(s) to.


After entering a valid API key for your account, press the Select Configuration button to select the configurations you want to copy.

If there are any warnings or fields preventing the copy, you will see notifications in the Tree View presented. You can hover over the icons to see a detailed explanation of any issue.


When the copy operation is successful, the items copied will have check-marks next to them indicating success, if there were any errors, you will see notifications regarding the error on the applicable field along with a description of the error.


Important Notes:

  • A failure of any part of the copy operation does not abort the entire copy process. Only items that failed to copy are not copied, any operations that successfully completed are implemented in real-time.
  • Schema fields can not be deleted; when copying from a source site that contains a different schema than the target, fields that already exist on the target will persist, even after the copy operation is completed.
  • Screen-Sets that exist on the target site will be overwritten if a set with the same name exists on the source site. Screen-Sets that do not exist on the target site will be copied from the source site. Screen-Sets that exist on the target but do not exist in the source site, will not be affected.


Finalizing Configuration

After the copy is complete, be sure to include any newly required fields of the target site in the site's Registration Completion screens so user registration is not impacted.


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