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Class GSArray PHP

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Used for passing Arrays, for example when issuing requests or receiving response data.

The value may be one of the following types:


Constructor Summary

GSArray()Empty constructor
GSArray(string $json)Construct a GSArray from a JSON string. Throws an Exception if unable to parse the JSON string.


Method Summary

ReturnMethod Description
voidadd(mixed $value)Adds a value to the array.
integergetInt(integer $index)
Type specific methods for retrieving value by index.
longgetLong(integer $index)
doublegetDouble(integer $index)
BooleangetBool(integer $index)
stringgetString(integer $index)
GSObjectgetObject(integer $index)
GSArraygetArray(integer $index)
integerlength()Returns the array's length.
stringtoJsonString()Returns the array's content as a JSON string.
stringtoString()Returns the array's content as a JSON string.