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Change Log - Magento 1.x

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Version 3.2.4 (March 28, 2017)

  • Identity data is now synced based on Gigya's UID and not on the user's email. Existing implementations of the Magento 1.x  GConnector continue to sync data based on emails as the user identifier. For a migration plan, contact your Customer Engagement Executive. For more information, see Magento 1.0 Sync Base.

    Gigya recommends all clients who use the GConnector for Drupal 7 to migrate to this latest version, and to sync user data based on Gigya's UID, as it is more reliable and secure.

Version 3.2.1 (Oct. 5, 2016)

Version 3.2 (Jul. 5, 2016)

Security enhancements:

  • Added option to use App Key and App Secret instead of Gigya Secret to access Gigya.
  • Gigya Secret/App Secret are now encrypted in the server.

Other enhancements:

  • Gigya now controls the user login session.

  • Support for Magento backoffice user updates: changes made to user details through the Magento admin console will be synchronized to Gigya.
  • Support for multisite implementations.
  • Added Magento content block with inline JavaScript that loads the gigya.js script dynamically (see details). 

  • The extension supports Gigya's Russia data center.
  • The deprecated Login behavior setting has been removed from the Gigya Global Settings menu (see Backward compatibility note).
  • Improved logging.
  • Field mapping customization:
    • Mapping can be configured using a field mapping configuration file.
    • Added new events specifically for customizing field mapping, with documented examples of observer methods.
  • Improved language support: Gigya interface language can be auto-selected based on locale, with a fallback language setting to be used if the language isn't available.
  • RaaS screen-sets are no longer implemented in the checkout page automatically when RaaS is enabled.
  • Calls to Gigya's getAccountInfo API method are sent with an environment parameter:

    {"cms_name": $CMSNAME$, "cms_version": $VERSION_NUMBER$, "gigya_version": $GIGYA_MODULE_VER_NUMBER$}








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