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The integration between Gigya and Campaign Monitor is based on IdentitySync. The integration syncs Gigya accounts and subscription data with Campaign Monitor's subscription database and supports both outbound and inbound flows.  

IdentitySync is a premium platform that requires separate activation. If it is not part of your site package please contact your Gigya Customer Engagement Executive or contact us by filling in a support form on our site. You can also access the support page by clicking "Support" on the upper menu of Gigya's site.

Supported Flows

Outbound flows sync account details and subscription status. They support syncing simple fields, custom fields (Gigya data fields), partial arrays (e.g. likes, favorites, education), and Loyalty info. Supported flows include:

  • The user exists both in Gigya and in Campaign Monitor. 
  • New user in Gigya that already exists in Campaign Monitor. 
  • New user in Gigya that does not exist in Campaign Monitor. 
  • User exists in both databases, resubscribes to a list (pass "Resubscribe":true to CM's suppression list)

Inbound flows usually retrieve the subscription status of Campaign Monitor subscribers and update the relevant information at Gigya. Supported flows: 

  • User unsubscribes from a Campaign Monitor list.
  • Unsubscribing from one Campaign Monitor list causes users to be unsubscribed from other Campaign Monitor lists.
  • User is a deleted or inactive subscriber in Campaign Monitor. 

The integrations does not support multi-client installations, nor syncing segments, campaigns or accounts.



This guide assumes your lists and subscribers etc. are set up in Campaign Monitor. To integrate via Gigya's IdentitySync, you should prepare in advance your CM API key, and the ID of the relevant list. 

1. Get Your Campaign Monitor API Key

  1. In Campaign Monitor, open the menu next to your username and select Account settings.

  2. In the account settings page, click API keys.
  3. Click Show API key

2. Get Your List ID

  1. Under Lists & subscribers, click the relevant list. 
  2. Click change name/type
  3. The list ID appears under API Subscriber List ID

3. Define Dataflows

Once you have IdentitySync set up in your account, you can create and customize flows with Campaign Monitor. For sample flows, see: 

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