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The BlueConic Customer Data Platform collects and unifies visitor profiles in order to determine and activate the optimal interaction with an individual, based on both implicit and explicit visitor intent.

Gigya’s integration with BlueConic enables you to combine the intelligence contained in BlueConic’s profiles with the information collected through Gigya’s Social Login or Registration-as-a-Service, achieving an even richer view of the individual, which can be leveraged into better digital marketing outcomes.


The integration creates a BlueConic Connection to Gigya, so that when a visitor logs into Gigya (see the RaaS login and Social Login API methods), values from that visitor's Gigya profile are copied into their BlueConic profile in real time. This information, in combination with any other relevant customer data, can be used for dynamic segmentation, continuous optimization, and real-time interactions.

The visitor's unique ID in Gigya is also captured in the BlueConic profile, uncovering the visitor's cross-device or cross-channel connections and enabling you to address them based on a complete and unified understanding of their behaviors and intent.

You can configure your own data mapping for this connection and choose which Gigya profile properties you want to store and use in BlueConic.

To use the BlueConic integration, all you need to do is enable the Gigya plugin in BlueConic and configure the data mapping as explained below.


To use this integration, you need:

  • Gigya’s Social Login or Registration-as-a-Service enabled on your site.
  • An active connection with a BlueConic environment.


1. Enabling the Gigya Plugin

First you need to enable the Gigya plugin in your BlueConic environment:

  • In the BlueConic admin, go to Settings > Plugins.
  • Select Add/Update Plugin.
  • Find the Gigya Connection plugin by browsing the plugin gallery or entering Gigya" in the search box.
  • Click the Add Plugin button.

2. Creating a Connection to Gigya

To create a connection to Gigya:

  • Go to the Connections section.
  • Click Add Connection.
  • Select Gigya from the list of available connections.

By default, the connection will run automatically in all the web channels that are connected to your BlueConic environment. You can also choose to activate the connection only in specific channels.

3. Data Mapping

The connection stores the Gigya User ID in an automatically created profile property called “Gigya Identifier”. This property can be used to recognize visitors across different devices and is used to drive profile merging in BlueConic.

Any other data you want to transfer from Gigya should be mapped to profile properties in BlueConic manually. The Gigya Connection UI provides a table in which you can select the Gigya field to capture and the BlueConic profile property to which the field should be mapped.

The following Gigya fields are available: Age, Birthday, Education History, Email, First Name, Gender, Home Town, Last Name, Likes, Like Categories, Current City, Picture, and Work History.

When finished, switch the connection to On and click the  Save button. The connection will be activated immediately.


For questions and support for this integration, please contact





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