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As technologies evolve rapidly, consumers use different devices and apps, and choose to identify in many different ways. For many, mobile has replaced desktop, while others choose the ease of logging in with one social identity. Whichever option they use, consumers expect an outstanding and consistent experience from the brands with which they interact. Brands still need to build trust-based relationships with their customers and connect with their consumers in the way they want, giving them a cohesive omni-channel experience, while maintaining high security standards throughout. 

SAP Customer Identity offers many options for authenticating users. Customer Identity includes out-of-the-box mechanisms for site visitors to log in and create an identity on your site.

Authentication Options

Social Login

Offer users the ease of identifying with their social networks, saving them the hassle of remembering passwords. 


Federation consists of both SAML and Open ID Connect single sign-on. Create custom login and authentication options with:


Enable easy and secure access to your platform without the hassle of remembering complex passwords. Passwordless options include:

Phone Number Login

Passwordless authentication via a one-time code sent to user's mobile phones, using Phone Number Login

Push Authentication

Users approve a pop-up notification on their phones to log in, instead of entering their passwords. See Push Authentication.

Single Sign-On - SSO

If your implementation includes several differently branded websites, you can create an SSO experience, where users need only authenticate in one of those sites to be logged in to another.

Global Access

The SSO experience enabled globally, across different data centers. Users remain logged in as they travel the world, while you comply with data residency laws and store their data in the right location. See Global Access.


Security Measures

Enhance site security and protect customer identities by implementing the security measures offered by SAP Customer Data Cloud

Risk-Based Authentication

Protect the identities of your site users from hacking attempts by triggering Risk Based Authentication.


Protect your site from hack attempts and automated attacks using CAPTCHA

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