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This object represents a record in a website's Audit Log.


@timestampstringThe time in which the request was received.
callIDstringA unique identifier of the transaction.
errCodeintegerThe result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For a complete list of error codes, see the Error Codes table.
endpointstringThe API endpoint used for the action.
errMessagestringA short textual description of the error associated with the errorCode; for logging purposes.
errDetailsstringIf an error exists, an extended description of the error.
userKeystringThe userKey by which the request was signed.
sourceIPstringThe IP address from which the request was sent.
A list of parameters sent along with the request.
uidstringThe uid of the user that submitted the request.
apikeystringThe API key submitted with the request.
Information regarding the original request. This includes the following fields:
  • SDK - The platform used to make the request.
  • country - A two-character code identifying the country from which the request was made.

Extended information pertaining to the userKey used to sign the request. This includes the following fields:

  • description - The description of the userKey.
  • name - The name of the user associated with the userKey, or the name of the application key.
  • emailDomain - The email domain of the userKey's owner.


Sample auditLog Object

 "@timestamp" : "2014-11-12T09:14:24.423Z", 
 "callID" : "e28c265f99ec4982853870a29fdda57c", 
 "errCode" : "0", 
 "endpoint" : "accounts.getPolicies", 
 "errMessage" : "OK", 
 "userKey" : "ANG...Wq3c", 
 "sourceIP" : "", 
 "params": { ... }, 
 "uid": "1234", 
 "apikey": "3_fKfd...s3=", 
 "httpReq": {
      "SDK": "js_5.5",  
      "country": "US" 
 "userKeyDetails": {
      "description": "Chat appKey",  
      "name": "Javier Paneria", 
      "emailDomain": ""