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Accounts Data Object

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This object is part of the Registration-as-a-Service package, a premium platform that requires separate activation. If RaaS is not yet part of your site package, please contact your Gigya Customer Engagement Executive or contact us by filling in a support form on our site. You can also access the support page by clicking "Support" on the upper menu of the Gigya Dashboard.



A dynamic JSON object that allows storage and retrieval of custom, admin defined, profile data. You can set and recall these custom fields within your site schema using accounts.setSchema and accounts.getSchema. Alternatively, you can create these fields manually in your site schema using the Screen-Sets UI Builder.

Once the fields are created in the schema, you can then add data to these fields on a per user instance using accounts.setAccountInfo and recall the data using accounts.getAccountInfo.


Editing Site Schema Using the Schema Editor

To add new fields and edit existing ones, use the Schema Editor


Editing Site Schema Using setSchema

To add or modify custom fields to your site schema using APIs, use the accounts.setSchema REST API.


Editing Site Schema Using the UI Builder

To add custom fields to your site schema using the UI Builder, navigate to the Screen-sets tab of your Gigya Dashboard.

Create and open a new screen-set specifically for maintaining your custom fields or open a screen from an existing collection.

Add a Textbox or other type of Control Widget to the screen.

Select the newly added Control by clicking on it with your mouse, so that it's properties are active in the Properties window.


In the Mapped Field drop-down of the Properties window select +Add.


Enter a Field Name for your custom data field and define it's Data Type. Note that when recalling this field it will be data.theNameYouEnterHere.


Click Add, to add this field to the site schema and then Save the Screen-Set to lock in the changes.


You now have a new field defined in your site schema that can be used to store custom data to a user's Profile.


Additional Information

accounts.setSchema REST

accounts.getSchema REST

accounts.getSchema JS

accounts.getAccountInfo REST

accounts.getAccountInfo JS

accounts.setAccountInfo REST

accounts.setAccountInfo JS





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