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Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEM Mobile) is a platform for building and managing mobile apps. The integration between Gigya and AEM Mobile provides the ability to add Gigya's Customer Identity (RaaS) to your apps quickly and easily, to authenticate app users securely via Gigya's SAML IdP. Gigya's RaaS is an end-to-end customer identity and access management system (CIAM) which provides you with rich user profile data and powerful insights to your app users. 

Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a premium platform that requires separate activation. If RaaS is not part of your site package, please contact Gigya by filling in a support form. You can access the support page by clicking Support on the upper menu after logging into your Gigya Console.



  1. Set up Gigya as a SAML IdP according to the guide
  2. Open the SAML IdP metadata, and copy the SSO Endpoint and X509 Certificate values, respectively. 
  3. In AEM Mobile On-Demand Services, configure the identity provider in Master Settings: 
    1. Under NameID Format, choose Unspecified
    2. In the Authentication URL, paste the SSO Endpoint copied from Gigya's metadata.
    3. In the Public Signing Key Certificate, add the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" markers, then paste between them the X509 Certificate value copied from Gigya's metadata.
    4. Copy the Service Provider ID from the On-Demand Services and paste into the Issuer field in Gigya's SAML SP Settings page.
    5. Copy the Experience Manager Mobile Public Encryption Key Certificate to X509 Encryption Certificate in Gigya's SAML SP Settings page. 

If you have further questions regarding this integration, contact

See the following AEM Mobile articles for more details:

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