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Identify, engage and protect your customers
Be transparent, gain loyal customers and protect your business.


Power trusted digital experiences with first party data.



Client Side SDKs

Integrate Gigya into your site, mobile or desktop application.


Server Side SDKs

Now it's even easier to integrate Gigya into your server application.
The SDKs constitute a wrap around Gigya's REST API, making it simple to integrate Gigya's service in server side applications.

Latest Releases

API Reference

The core of the Gigya service is a REST -like interface.
Gigya offers various wraps around this API for various environments, so in most cases, you will not need to use the REST API directly.


Demo Site

The Daily Recipe site is a Gigya demo site written in PHP and JavaScript. This demo outlines how to make a website using Gigya's platform. The demo site's code is available for you to download, use and learn about the implementation of the site.

Instructional Video

If you have an SAP logon, you can watch an overview video of Customer Data Cloud (Gigya) here.

SAP C/4HANA Foundation is a technology layer that allows you to infuse SAP C/4HANA cloud products with agility, openness, and extensibility. Note that SAP C/4HANA Foundation is not included in the subscription for SAP C/4HANA cloud products, and its use is subject to customers accepting separate terms and conditions.