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RaaS offers many options for registering or logging in to sites: 

  • Registration: after a user signs up, an account is created in our dynamic database. Users can log in with their social network accounts to further streamline the process. You can fine-tune and improve the quality of the data acquired by setting up conditional flows: after a user shares information about themselves (such as ownership of a pet) a separate flow can be triggered with questions about the type of animal, the pet's name and favorite treats. Registration screens are highly flexible and may include: 
    • Data input: Registration screens can include email subscriptions, number of children, name of pet or anything else. 
    • Validation: Built-in mechanisms which validate the quality of the data (e.g. date format, email format) and password strength. 
    • Security:  Registration screens can include up-front security checks such as CAPTCHA verification, and two-factor authentication . 
  • Login: In addition to offering site users a site account login or social login, RaaS offers advanced federation options including, for example, SAML IdPs and OpenID Connect Providers. In this case, authorizing the user is handled by a trusted third party.
  • Single Sign-On: in multi-site scenarios, Single Sign-On (SSO) is used to automatically log-in users to all sites that share the SSO after signing in to any one of them. SSO manages a single session for a user for all group sites, so when a user is logged in to one site, that user is logged in and gains immediate access to all other sites in that group, saving them the trouble of authenticating each child site individually and providing you as the site group manager with a 360 degree view of this consumer's profile and behavior on all your sites. 

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