Finding Your Data Center

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It is necessary to use the correct data center when making REST API calls to Gigya servers.

If you are not sure what data center your site is associated with, follow this guide.

i.e., https://<namespace>.<data_center><REST_API>


Data Centers

The currently available data centers are:

  • us1 - for the US data center
  • eu1 - for the European data center
  • au1 - for the Australian data center
  • ru1 - for the Russian data center


To determine your sites data center:

  1. Log in to the Gigya Console.
  2. In the Dashboard, where your sites are listed, you will find the data center associated with each one.
  3. If the Data Center is US, your data center is us1, if AU, it is au1, if EU, it is eu1, and if RU, it is ru1.









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