Data Import - Inbound

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Gigya's new ETL platform is a powerful and flexible data transfer service whose capabilities include importing user data in bulk from a file into the Gigya database.

When running a data import, Gigya account data is updated directly with no other implementation work on your side. This enables you to integrate easily with email service providers, data management platforms, and any other third-party service.

The platform's capabilities include:

  • Reading data from FTP, SFTP, and cloud services such as Amazon S3 and Azure
  • Decompressing ZIP, GZIP, and LZO
  • Decrypting PGP encryption

The platform provides powerful data transformation and manipulation capabilities to enable the Gigya database to work with various external formats.

Data Import is a premium service requiring activation. For more information, please contact your Gigya Account Manager or enter a support request on our site.