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Gigya's new ETL platform is a powerful and flexible data transfer service whose capabilities include extracting bulk data from the Gigya database into a file for your use.

Some of the capabilities provided are:

  • Extract Gigya account data, Gigya DS data, Gigya Game Mechanics (Loyalty) data

  • Extract all accounts or only new and updated accounts
  • Extract segments using filter criteria (see the documentation for details of the filter criteria)
  • Upload the data using SFTP/FTPS. Gigya can use its own server or an external one.
  • Send email notifications if the extract fails or has errors.
  • Each data file uploaded by Gigya can be accompanied by a file confirming the number of data records transferred.
  • In special cases, Data Extract may also be used to transmit your entire user database on a recurring basis. If you think you may require this functionality, please contact your Gigya Account Manager to discuss your requirements.

Through Data Extract, Gigya provides integration with a number of email marketing services; the integration requires no implementation other than opening and configuring an account with the email service provider.

Data Extract is a premium service requiring activation. For more information, please contact your Gigya Account Manager or enter a support request on our site.


Data File Format

The data extracted can be delivered in the following formats:

  • Delimiter-separated values (DSV) (either comma-separated values or your chosen separator)
  • JSON file
  • Proprietary formats such as Krux and Adobe AudienceManager

The following is an example of a data file in CSV format. The quotes around each field can be removed.



 The file can be compressed using ZIP, GZIP, or LZO.


The platform supports PGP encryption.

Data Selection and Filtering

The ETL platform allows you to extract user segments or parts of your data using a flexible, SQL-like search query (see the documentation for details of the filter criteria).

In addition, when extracting user accounts, you are able to choose whether to extract all accounts or only accounts that have been updated since the last time the (recurring) transfer was run.

Data Transformation

The platform provides powerful data transformation and manipulation capabilities, including:

  • Removing, replacing, renaming and rearranging fields
  • Reformatting datefields as needed
  • Field evaluation functionality using JEXL and jsonpath scripting provides a simple way to analyze, tag, and segment users, before importing your data into a marketing or data management platform. For example, you can quickly add a "Category" field where all users with age<25 and gender=m will be tagged as "young male".

Data Flattening

If your data includes fields that are arrays or complex objects, and your target platform does not support the JSON format, Gigya can convert the objects into a "flat", CSV-compatible format.

This conversion generates a separate file for each flattened object, in addition to the general data file. For example, if you extract account data and choose to flatten the "profile.likes" field, you will receive two files:

  1. The general data file (as in the example above).
  2. A file containing all users' "profile.likes" information as a table, with a row for each "like", as in the following example:

    "0c36479f81f351afd321bab4700ca0","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Musician/band","Just About Time"
    "1b2e0455067c63c5c54024777661ea","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Movie","Who Framed Roger Rabbit"
    "0ef8bd14d89ea45627dd6104f90c01","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Musician/band","Janis Joplin"
    "b831d4cc8854ca9fb7cd447aa2be28","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Movie","Pineapple Express"
    "5bdb1c16801b667c72c65d40aff386","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Musician/band","Bob Dylan"
    "a6b5c33ebbf10d205eea8638cc26b8","_gid_XeCEe4oZYgvnp9DPA+g==","","Tv show","Peep Show"