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The method retrieves the number of times certain reaction buttons were clicked.


Request URL


Where <Data_Center_ID> is:

  • us1 - for the US datacenter
  • eu1 - for the European datacenter
  • au1 - for the Australian datacenter



Required Name Type Description
Required barID string A unique identifier of the reactions bar that identifies the content item to which the user reacted.
Optional buttonIDs string A comma delimited list of button IDs, which identify the buttons in the reactions bar. When not specified, the method gets the counts for all the buttons previously reported for this bar. Note that buttons with 0 count will not be returned unless specifically specified.


Authorization Parameters

Each REST API request must contain identification and authorization parameters.

Please refer to the Authorization Parameters section for details. 


Response Data

Field Type Description
errorCode integer The result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For a complete list of error codes, see the Error Codes table.
errorMessage string A short textual description of an error, associated with the errorCode, for logging purposes. This field will appear in the response only in case of an error.
errorDetails string This field will appear in the response only in case of an error and will contain the exception info, if available.
callId string Unique identifier of the transaction, for debugging purposes.
time string The time of the response represented in ISO 8601 format. i.e
counts Array Array of JSON objects, each contains the following fields: 'buttonId' and 'count'.

Response Example

  "counts": [
      "buttonId": "1",
      "count": 15
      "buttonId": "2",
      "count": 32
  "statusCode": 200,
  "errorCode": 0,
  "statusReason": "OK",
  "callId": "71adf38864fd44b29c8452072725c473"
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