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Change Log

Last modified 06:05, 27 Nov 2014

Version 3.0.7 - 18 Nov 2014

  • Bug fix
    • Login can be accomplished after close and re-open app


Version 3.0.6 - 14 Oct 2014

  • Fully supports iOS 8.
  • Updated to support Facebook SDK 3.19.
  • Added a new method to request additional Facebook read permissions and improved the method for requesting publish permissions - both methods now also return a list of the permissions the user has declined.
  • Twitter SSO now falls back to web login if it encounters a system account error.
  • Added support for regSource parameter on login calls.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a memory leak in GSPluginView.
    • Loading a plugin using GSPluginView no longer locks the UI.


Version 3.0.5 - 28 August 2014

  • Fixed a bug in GSWebBridge and GSPluginView, which caused screen-Sets to fail when account is pending registration.
  • Fixed 'Permission Denied' error when login via Twitter


Version 3.0.3 - 30 May 2014

  • Bug fixes


Version 3.0.2 - 13 May 2014

  • Bug fixes


Version 3.0 - 16 Feb 2014

  • Gigya UI Plugins can now be displayed and used through the iOS SDK, using the GSPluginView class.
  • GSSessionDelegate has been deprecated and replaced by GSSocializeDelegate and GSAccountsDelegate.
  • Added support for applications that can't run in the background. Setting the GigyaLoginDontLeaveApp parameter to YES in your plist will now authenticate the user in a web view dialog.
  • Enhanced Facebook SDK integration:
    • Permissions no longer need to be specified in the login method. Facebook Native Login now uses the permissions configured for your site in the Gigya management platform.
    • Facebook Native Login behavior can now be controlled by passing a facebookLoginBehavior parameter to login methods.
    • Added referral tracking to Facebook deep links.
    • Facebook login is now enabled only via Facebook Native Login, following Facebook's policy change.
  • Fixed a bug that happened if the user has quit the login process after switching to Safari.

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