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Class GSResponse (PHP)

Last modified 11:42, 15 Sep 2014
Table of Contents

Wraps Gigya server's response.


Method Summary

Method Description
GSObject getData() Returns the response data. Please refer to the REST API reference, for a list of response data structure per method request.
Note: If the request was sent with the format parameter set to "xml", the getData() will return null and you should use getResponseText() method instead (see below). We only parse response text into GSObject if the request format is "json" which is the default.
integer getErrorCode() Returns the result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For complete list of server error codes, see the Error Codes table. 
string getErrorMessage() Returns a short textual description of an error, associated with the errorCode, for logging purposes.
string getLog() Returns a log of the operation for debugging purpose. The format of the log is:

"errorCode": 403005,
"errorMessage": "Unauthorized user",
"statusCode": 403,
"statusReason": "Forbidden",
"callId": "d8b041336e354a789553830705203779"
string  getResponseText() The raw response data. The raw response data is in JSON format, by default. If the request was sent with the format parameter set to "xml", the raw response data will be in XML format.
integer getInt(string $key [, integer $defaultValue]) Type specific methods for retrieving value by key. If the key is not found, and there is no default value, the method throws GSKeyNotFoundException.
long getLong(string $key [, long $defaultValue])
Boolean getBool(string $key [, boolean $defaultValue])
string getString(string $key [, string $defaultValue])
GSObject getObject(string $key)
GSArray getArray(string $key)
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