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Server Side SDKs

Last modified 15:21, 13 Jan 2015
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The SDKs listed below provide access to the Gigya Service for various popular development environments. The SDKs function as a wrap around Gigya's REST API which makes it simple to integrate Gigya's service in server side applications.

The common integration use-case combines using a Server Side SDK for server side API method calls, with using the JavaScript API for integrating Plugins and client site API method calls. Please refer to the Integration Overview section of the Developer's Guide, to receive the entire picture of Gigya service integration.


If none of Gigya's official server-side SDKs match your environment, it may still be possible to integrate with Gigya's API. Please contact your implementation manager if you don't see your environment listed.  You can also make direct use of the Gigya REST API.


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