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A JSON object representing a chat message.

Field Name Type Description
ID string The unique chat ID.
isPrivate Boolean Shows whether the chat message is seen by friends only or by everyone.
messageText string The content of the chat message.
status string The status of the message. Can be either 'published' or 'pending'.
sender JSON Object A JSON object representing the user who posted the message. The object includes the following fields:
  • uid
  • username
  • photoURL
  • profileURL
  • isSelf - the value is 'true' when the 
    message was posted by the current user, and 'false' if it wasn't
  • loginProvider
created integer The GMT in which the message was posted. The timestamp is in milliseconds (i.e. the number of milliseconds since Jan. 1st 1970).
Note: A field that does not contain data, will not appear in the object.


Example Object

            "ID": "2a9f579657c044f380a4a0e1b6fc2af8",
            "isPrivate": "false",
            "messageText": "What's up?",
            "sender": {
                "uid" : "_gid_66zVIH4wFT9vWs1jIGMejXb89L7iEdzZa0QxhnzMo4Q="
                "userName" : "Alex Za"
                "photoURL": "",
                "profileURL": "",
                "isSelf": true,
                "loginProvider": "Facebook"
           "created": 1320012310883,
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