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A JSON object containing the meta information of a comments stream.


Field Name Type Description
streamID string A unique stream ID.
categoryID string The ID of the category to which this stream belongs.
status string The value of this field may be one of the following: 'readonly', 'enabled', or 'disabled'.
createDate long The stream creation time, in Java time format, i.e. milliseconds since Jan. 1st 1970.
commentCount integer The number of comments in the stream.
threadCount integer The number of comment threads in the stream.
streamTitle string The title assigned to the commenting stream. For more information, see the Comments plugin parameters.
streamURL URL The stream URL assigned to the commenting stream (usually the URL of the page where the commenting stream is presented). For more information, see the Comments plugin parameters.
rssURL URL The URL of the RSS.
lastComment Comment object This field is available only if the includeLastComment is set to 'true' in the request. In such cases, this field represents the most recent comment of this stream.
lastCommentTimestamp long The GMT in which the last comment was posted to the stream. The timestamp is in milliseconds (i.e. the number of milliseconds since Jan. 1st 1970). Note: this field is returned even if the includeLastComment field isn't included.
avgRatings JSON object The average rating for this stream (the mean value of all the ratings in the stream). The object structure is {'_overall': ratingAvgValue}, where ratingAvgValue is a float rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point.
  • The avgRatings field is available only if this stream belongs to a Category that is defined with 'Operation mode: Rating & Reviews'. Learn more in the Rating & Reviews guide.
  • Reviews awaiting moderation do not affect the average.
isUserSubscribed Boolean Equals 'true' if the currently logged-in user is subscribed to this stream.
moderationModes Object An object containing string values that specify the moderation mode for different comments according to their content type (see Moderation Modes for more information).
    "text": "post|pre|guest|inherit",
    "image": "post|pre|guest|inherit",
    "video": "post|pre|guest|inherit",
    "url": "post|pre|guest|inherit",
    "other": "post|pre|guest|inherit"
moderationMode String
Note: A field that does not contain data willnot appear in the object.


Example Object

     "streamID": "foo1",
     "categoryID": "17235654",
     "status": "enabled",
     "createDate": 1297087491153,
     "commentCount": 56,
     "threadCount": 43,
     "streamTitle": "Foo",
     "streamURL": "",
     "rssURL": "",
     "avgRatings": {"_overall" : 4.1},
     "isUserSubscribed" : false
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