socialize.isLoggedIn (deprecated)

Last modified 11:39, 15 Sep 2014


This method is deprecated! Please avoid using it.

Instead you can use socialize.getUserInfo, which returns a User object with the isLoggedIn data member.

This determines whether the current user is logged in to the Gigya service.



gigya.socialize.isLoggedIn (deprecated)(params)


Method Parameters

The following table lists the params object members:

Required Name Type Description
Optional callback function A reference to a callback function. Gigya calls the specified function along with the results of the API method when the API method completes.
The callback function should be defined with the following signature: functionName(response).
The "Response object Data Members" table below provides specification of the data that is passed to the callback function.
  cid string A string of maximum 100 characters length. The CID sets categories for transactions that can be used later for filtering reports generated by Gigya in the "Context ID" combo box. The CID allows you to associate the report information with your own internal data. For example, to identify a specific widget or page on your site/application. You should not define more than 100 different context IDs.
Note: This parameter overrides the value of the identical parameter in Global Conf (the global configuration object). If the parameter is not set for the method, the value from Global Conf is used.
  context object A developer-created object that is passed back unchanged to the application as one of the fields in the response object.


Response Object Data Members

errorCode integer The result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For a complete list of error codes, see the Error Codes table. errorMessage string A short textual description of an error associated with the errorCode for logging purposes. operation string The name of the API method that generated this response. context object The context object passed by the application as parameter to the API method, or null if no context object has been passed.

Field Type Description
loggedIn boolean Whether the current user is logged in to the Gigya service.
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