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This object represents an album of the current user. Album objects may be retrieved using the socialize.getAlbums method. 

Note: Different providers supply different data. Thus, the availability of the data members of the Album object depends on the specific provider.


Data Members

Field Name Type Description
albumID string A unique ID for the album represented by this object. The ID is assigned to the album by Gigya.
name string The album name, as given by the user.
description string The album description, as given by the user.
count integer The number of photos in the album.
thumbnail URL The URL leading to the album's preview image.
URL URL The URL leading to the album.
privacyLevel string The privacy level of this album, indicates who can see the album. The value of this field can be one of the following:
  • "private" - only the user may view this album.
  • "public" - everyone may view this album.
provider string The name of the provider from which this album is retrieved. The value of this field may be: "facebook".
providerAlbumID string The ID of this album, as defined by the album's provider. This ID is unique within the scope of the specific provider, but may not be unique in a larger scope.
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