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CMS and Ecommerce Platforms

Last modified 13:53, 27 Jan 2015
Table of Contents

Gigya offers pre-built modules and tools for portals, blogs and ECommerce sites. These tools enable site owners to quickly integrate Gigya’s Consumer Identity Management and Social Plugins.


Currently our modules support the following platforms:

Drupal Module - Gigya module for Drupal provides authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and OpenID webmail providers including Google and AOL. The Gigya module for Drupal is fully configurable, requiring little time to install.

WordPress Plug-in - Gigya WordPress plug-in integrates the WordPress user management system with Gigya, enabling users to signup and login using Gigya networks and OpenID providers. The plug-in supports sharing newsfeed items when commenting, updating the user's status with a widget and enables users to invite their social network friends to read a blog post.

Magento Extension - The Gigya Magento extension allows you to easily integrate Gigya's Customer Identity Management platform throughout your Magento store.

Demandware Integration - Gigya Demandware integration offers a simple integration of the Gigya platform on a Demandware site, offering permission-based access to users’ social, profile and on-site behavior data allowing users to easily sign-up and login and share their experiences with their preferred social accounts or identity providers.

Gigya Hybris Extension - The module makes your e-commerce web application social, providing social login, product sharing, commenting, a reaction bar, recommendations, activity feed, and Gamification.

Gigya Oracle Commerce Module - The module handles the integration with the core Oracle ATG & Endeca engines, making your e-commerce web application social, providing RaaS, Social Login, Social Plugins and more.

Open Commerce Platform™ (OCP) integration - Gigya Social Login and several Social Plugins are integrated with the OCP as part of release 5.0. 

Gigya Sitecore Connector Gigya connector provides full cloud-based user management, and offers a range of plugins integrating your site with the social networks through sharing, comments, ratings, reviews, reactions and gamification.

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