Gigya Debug Console

Last modified 11:13, 20 Jan 2014

The Gigya debug console enables developers to quickly and efficiently debug their Gigya enabled sites. The console output appears in either a browser's native console, or is logged on the page itself. The debug console is for client-side debugging.

Use Cases

  • Look at variable values
  • Understand when events are fired/which events
  • See error codes and messages


How to Enable

  1. Please drag the blue bookmarklet link to the 'Quick Links' area of your browser:

  2. When the page you would like to debug opens, please click on the bookmarklet.
  3. The options panel will appear in your page after you call it. For ease of use, please drag the 'Show Debug Log' link to the Quick Links area of your browser.
  4. Select the 'Log gigya API calls, events & callbacks' option and click 'Done'.

  5. The output will always appear in the native console. If you would rather see it on the page itself, or if you are using a browser without a built-in console, use the in-page logger using the 'Show Debug Log' bookmarklet you've created in step 3.


  6. Here is an example of an in-page debug output: 



Only the following operations will be logged:

  • API Calls and callbacks
  • Events

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