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The Daily Recipe site is a Gigya demo site written in PHP and JavaScript. This demo outlines how to make a web site social using Gigya's platform. The demo site's code is available for you to download, use and learn about the site implementation.


Note: This site implements the social backbone manually without the use of Gigya's RaaS. To view the RaaS enabled site, go to the RaaS Daily Recipe demo site.



Gigya provides a large array of features for sites and this sample site makes use of only a few of these capabilities. Some of the features that are used in this site are:

  • Social Login - Social login and registration. Manages account linking between a user’s existing site account and social identities, connects to more than 20 social and identity providers, enables access to rich profile data including email addresses, provides standardized data field structure and nomenclature across identity providers.
  • Share Bar plugin - The plugin displays a bar of buttons for sharing to social destinations.
  • Comments plugin - The plugin displays a commenting stream.
  • Reactions plugin - A one-click reaction buttons bar, allowing users to easily interact with posts or content on your site.
  • Game Mechanics plugins - Social loyalty and rewards plugins, increasing site engagement and making users' experience more enjoyable.
  • Activity Feed plugin - The plugin displays recent user activities in a feed stream.
  • Follow Bar plugin - The plugin displays a bar of "follow" buttons, so your users can follow news and keep updated through different communications channels.
  • Rating & Reviews plugins - The plugins give your customers an easy way to provide feedback on product and content across your site. The Rating & Reviews plugins are available in bottom of the About page of the site.
  • Facebook Open Graph Actions - Use Gigya's API to publish Open Graph actions.

From the implementation point of view:
The site's web pages use the JavaScript API to integrate the plugins and client site API method calls. The server side code uses PHP SDK to communicate with Gigya, as part of the Social Login implementation.

Gigya Plugins within a Web Page:



Within the Login & Registration Dialogs:



Installing the Site on Your Own Host

In order to run the Daily Recipe site from your own hosting environment, follow these requirements:

Preliminary Requirements:

Installation Steps

  1. Download the sources of the Daily Recipe site here and extract them into your host root folder.
  2. Obtain your Gigya API Key and Secret Key from the Site Dashboard page on the Gigya website (see also the Site Setup documentation).
  3. Create a database on your server / web hosting package. For example: "DailyRecipeDB".
  4. Edit the DailyRecipe/config.php file:
    1. Fill out your DB connection details:
      // Database Information
          $dbtype = "mysql"; 
          $db_host = "localhost";       // insert your host name
          $db_user = "root";               // insert your DB user name
          $db_pass = "";                    //  insert your DB password
          $db_name = "DailyRecipeDB";  // insert the name of the newly created DB name (from step 3)
    2. Insert your Gigya API Key and Secret Key:
      // Gigya Settings
          global $gigyaApiKey,$gigyaSecret; 
          $gigyaApiKey = "000";     // insert your Gigya API Key
          $gigyaSecret = "000";       // insert your Gigya Secret Key
    3. Optional:
      If your site supports Facebook Open Graph, insert your Facebook Open Graph Application ID:
      $FBAppID = "0000";  // Enter here your Facebook Application ID
      If your site supports Gigya's Comments / Rating&Reviews, insert your Comments category ID and your Rating category ID:
      $commentsCategoryID = '000';   // Enter here your Comments category ID
            $ratingsCategoryID = '000';     // Enter here yourRating category ID
  5. To install the database visit http://localhost/Dailyrecipe/install/index.php in your browser. This page will attempt to build the database for you. After completion you may remove the "install" folder.

That's it, you are ready to go!

Learn More

Learn about the Demo site implementation. Examine how Gigya's Social Login is implemented within the site. Dive into the structure of the source files and folders that constitute this site, emphasizing the Gigya related parts within these source files.

Please note that this site is a demo site focusing on demonstrating Gigya's integration. Hence the site is written in a simplified way. Please do not consider this site as a best practice for site implementation.
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