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This page is a step-by-step guide for the process of setting up an external application in MySpace as part of the Gigya Setup process. 


Phase 1 - Setting Up an External Application in MySpace:

  1. Go to and login to your MySpace account.
  2. Click on the “Developers” link at the bottom of the page, or click on the following URL
  3. Click on the "Start Building!" button
  4. If you don't have a MySpace developer's account yet, please fill out the following form and press 'Submit':


  5. Please fill in the Captcha.
  6. Verify your MySpace Developer account.
  7. Click on the "My Apps" tab.
  8. Click the "Create new App" button.
  9. Choose "Create MySpaceID App":


  10. On the following screen, please fill in the application title, the Captcha field, agree to the terms of Use and click on the "Next" button:

  11. Enter a short app description (100 characters max.) and your 16x16 and 64x64 icons. Skip the "Uninstall Callback URL" field.


  12. Paste the "" URL to the "External URL" field, and "" to the "External Callback Validation" field.
    Optional: If you are planning on configuring a domain alias (CNAME), please insert your alias sub domain (CNAME value) instead of '' and your domain instead of Gigya's domain. i.e. "http://[YOUR-ALIAS-SUB-DOMAIN]" in the "External URL" field, and "" in the "External Callback Validation" field.
    Note: please do not use https.
  13. Check the "I agree with the Terms Of Service" box and press "Save".
  14. Copy your OAuth Consumer Key and OAuth Consumer Secret (you will need to paste them in Gigya's website, as described further below in phase 2).
    Note: MySpace disabled copying the OAuth Consumer secret to the clipboard. Make sure to copy it manually or copy it from the page source.

  15. Click on "My Apps" in the top menu.
  16. Find your application and click "Publish".
    Note: If you don't publish your application it will not work for your site users!




Phase 2 - Configuring MySpace's Application Keys in Gigya's Website

  1. Go to the Dashboard section of Gigya's website.
    Note: If you are not signed in to Gigya, please go to and sign in.
  2. Press the "Site Settings" button that corresponds to the domain you wish to configure. You will be redirected to the "Site Settings" page.


  3. Paste your keys (the "OAuth Consumer Key" and the "OAuth Consumer Secret" from the end of phase 1) in the corresponding places:

  4. Click the "Save Settings" button (located at the lower right-hand corner of the page).


That's it, MySpace configuration is complete! Please note that it might take up to 10 minutes for our system to synchronize with MySpace.

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