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Last modified 10:43, 15 Sep 2014

This page is a step-by-step guide for the process of opening and setting up an external Google+ application as part of the Gigya Setup process.

You may also read our Google+ FAQ.

Clients with sites defined under Gigya's European data center should replace domain references to (http:// or https://) "socialize.gigya.com" (or "socialize.us1.gigya.com") with "socialize.eu1.gigya.com". To verify site location contact your implementation manager.
Domain references are defined in Gigya's dashboard, externally in social network app definition pages, and when using Gigya's SDKs to set the domain (in particular the APIDomain field in class GSRequest). 

Phase 1 - Setting up a Google+ Application

  1. Go to the following page: https://cloud.google.com/console
  2. Click  "CREATE PROJECT".

create project.png

  1. Enter a project name and create a project ID, then click "Create".
  2. Select "APIs and auth" on the "Overview" menu
  3. Select "APIs" and then page down to "Google+ API" and click on that.
  4. Set the button to "ON".
  5. Next page to the Contacts API and set the "OFF" button to "ON".
  6. Select "Credentials" and click "CREATE NEW CLIENT ID".
  7. Set the Application type to "Web application", 
  8. Enter your website address under Authorized JavaScript Origins
  9. Set the Authorized Redirect URI to:

    If your site is defined under Gigya's European data center replace socialize.gigya.com with  socialize.eu1.gigya.com.
    If you are using a CNAME add it to the Authorized Redirect URI:

  10. Press the blue "Create Client ID" button.​
    Create client ID
  11. In the "Client ID for web application" section, copy the "Client ID" and "Client secret" which are required for defining the app in Gigya's website.
    Client ID and secret
  12. Select "Consent Screen" and enter your product name. Enter your homepage, logo, privacy policy and terms of service URLs (these sections are optional).create_project11a.png

Phase 2 - Configuring Google+ Application Keys in Gigya's Website

  1. Go to the Dashboard section of Gigya's website.
    Note: If you are not signed in to Gigya, please go to http://www.gigya.com/ and sign in.

    Press the "Site Settings" button that corresponds to the domain you wish to configure. You will be redirected to the "
    Site Settings" page.

  2. Select "Providers Configurations" and click the Google+ icon. 
    Note: If you are interested in opening a standard Google application, click the Google icon.

  3. Paste the "Client ID" string from the end of phase 1 into the "Consumer Key" field.
  4. Paste the "Client Secret" string to the "Secret Key" field.
  5. If you are using a CNAME, check the box.
  6. Checking Native SDK Capabilities is required to enable automatic login and using socialize.logout to log the user out of Google+. For more information see Native SDK Capabilities.   

  7. Click "Update".
  8. The red indication on the Google+ icon should turn green.

Approved google app.png  

  1. Click the "Save Settings" button (located at the lower right-hand corner of the page).

That's it, Google+ configuration is complete! Please note that it might take up to 10 minutes for our system to become synchronized with Google.

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